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On May 30th, 2011, America lost another heroic son. Spc. Bobby Russell West of Beebe, Ark. died May 30, 2006, in Baghdad while serving on his second tour of duty. The youngest son of a devoted mother, Bobby was a shining example of everything that is good about our country. Friendly and outgoing, he loved sports and could often be seen practicing basketball in his yard. But more importantly, Bobby loved his family, his country and his God. He understood at an early age that freedom indeed is not free and that if it was worth having, it was worth fighting for and so at 17 he joined the National Guard. After the tragedy of 9/11 he decided that he had to do more. Enlisting in the army, he became a member of the 4th Infantry Division, a unit that has weathered much of the fighting in Iraq. During his first tour he was a part of the operation that captured Saddam Hussein. On May 30th this brave young man was on patrol when an IED exploded, killing him instantly and severely wounding five of his comrades. On June 7th Bobby was buried with full military honors in his hometown of Beebe. Those who knew him personally and those who only knew him by his sacrifice and selfless devotion to his country all mourn the loss of this honorable and courageous young man who gave all that he had to give in the defense of the land he loved. His loss is America's loss.

Now Bobby has been joined in heaven by his mother, Linda. You can read her obituary by clicking here. We love and miss both of them. They are both heroes.


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A shout out to Bobby's buddies who leave memento's on his tombstone; like dog tags, whiskey bottles and coins, thank you. They mean a lot to his family. Especially the coins.

We looked it up:

A coin left on a headstone let’s the deceased soldier’s family know that somebody stopped by to pay their respect. Leaving a penny means you visited.

A nickel means that you and the deceased soldier trained at boot camp together. If you served with the soldier, you leave a dime. A quarter is very significant because it means that you were there when that soldier was killed.

Thank you for taking the time to respect our fallen hero. Hooah!


Video tribute to Bobby.

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R.I.P. West music video by Nathan "Doc" Aguirre before he too was KIA, 10-22-06. God be with his family and friends.
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Memorials may be made to:
National Guard Family Assistance
6402 Missouri Ave, Bldg 6402
North Little Rock, AR 72199

How do you prepare by his Aunt Marcella

News Media

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Produced by Aliza Nadi and Cerissa Tanner

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