Friend and Fellow Soldier



I was a medic for 1-22, Bobby was one of the first friends I made outside of my medical platoon when I got to the unit. His platoon was attached to the company I was attached to. I was his medic for a short period of time while the other medic Liamin, was on leave.

We talked a few times, had a few conversations about God and how lucky the platoon had been so far. Just prior, we had been in a firefight, which we had one man injured and couple other incidents. One of which he helped calm me down afterwards...We were on our way in from a easy, laidback mission with the Iraqi Army, when a IED went off, striking they're truck, killed 2 immediatly and injured 10 others. It was a VERY bad situation and I was the only medic there. He helped me by helping to coordinate moving the injured so they could be evacuated by the helicopter and treated the less serious of the men. After everything was finished, he came up to me and gave me a hug, asked if I was alright...poured some much needed water over my head and told me I'd done good.
A few days later, after Liamin had gotten back from leave and taken his job back as platoon medic, we were out on patrol. He was with his platoon and I was with the company comanders platoon out on a normal mission when we got word that his platoon had yet again gotten hit by a IED. We rushed over to where they were. I ran up to one of the the guys and asked if anyone had been hurt, he said Bobby had been hit again (his 2nd dismounted IED) and was shakin up. I ran over to check on him, he was sitting on the floor, nervously laughing, trying to make the other guys laugh. We got him up and back to the humvees. I was in charge of taking him back to the Aidstation and getting him checked out.
This is the hardest part...when we arrived at the aidstation and I was helping him download his gear into the humvee, Bobby turned to me and said "I'm not making home this time, I'm not going home",  I told him to stop talking that way, and in other not so nice terms, told him it was non-sense to talk that way. He again stated he wasn't going home...Little did I know that would be the last day I would see him. I found out no more then an hour later that I was going on leave that night...
I had to share this with you, something I've held onto since I found out of his death right before I was to return back to Iraq. Bobby in the short period of time I had known him, grew to admire him in his beliefs and his sense of humor. We joked, we teased, we prayed...he was there for me when I needed him, wish I could have returned the favor. I was unable to make his memorial service, someday I would like to visit his gravesite and atleast meet you and his family. Thank you for your time, I had to make contact with someone from his family.
Spc Matthew Snider






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