The American Fighting Man 

by Leonard Fox


Beneath a cold white cross or a slab of stone,
Or a lonely grave that only to God is known,
He lies there in eternal rest.
This honored example of our nation's best.

And though we observe each year a Memorial Day,
The debt that we owe him we can never repay.
So let us honor him as best we can.
Let us remember the American Fighting Man.

For over two centuries he's answered the call.
Throughout our history he has stood tall.
This Citizen Soldier of world renown.
Who paid the price and never let us down.

He died for us, so that Liberty might live.
Let us honor that "last, full measure" he had to give.
Remember his name and where he fell.
Remember his courage and devotion to duty, as well.


He did not give his life; from him it was taken.
Leaving his loved ones to mourn him, heartbroken and shaken.
And long after the last funeral song is sung,
He will remain in their memory, forever young.

The battlefields change for each generation.
Yet he's always stood ready to defend the nation.
From Lexington Green to Afghanistan,
Let us remember the American Fighting Man.

And should we ever forget his name,
It will be to our everlasting shame.
For in our country's hour of need he answered the call.
And served and died to protect us all.

So on this Memorial Day take pause,
To remember the hero who fell in freedom's noble cause.
He's the true reason this holiday was made.
Let us honor his memory and the price that he paid.






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